Bangkok Part 3


As our week drew on, Rebecca and I got more comfortable venturing out on train, subway and bus. We met Big when he was free to see places wth us, and explored on our own when he had to go to a meeting or just wanted to meet with his buddies somewhere and have a … Continue reading Bangkok Part 3

Bangkok Part 2


In many ways, we had waited for fifteen years for this. Big arrived in the United States when he was just fifteen years old, on the biggest adventure of his life. He seemed confused, bewildered by our habits and eating customs, and he was thrown into a high school senior schedule with little English. His … Continue reading Bangkok Part 2



Our Stay in Bangkok Part 1 I did not start writing about our stay in Bangkok until we were ready to leave. Looking back now, as we prepare to go to the airport, a flood of thoughts rush in as we parepare to get on the plane to Vietnam. These thoughts were somewhat of an … Continue reading Bangkok

Circle of Friends–Part 8: Cluj, City of Contrasts


Cluj, City of Contrasts We drove north to Cluj to visit the newlyweds, Adrian and Carmen. Cluj is an ancient Roman settlement. The word Cluj is derived from a word meaning basin, ravine or river valley.  The official name is Cluj Napoca, the latter part added during the Soviet era, suggesting the name of the … Continue reading Circle of Friends–Part 8: Cluj, City of Contrasts

Circle of Friends–Part 6: The Demons at the Carpathian Gate


On to Braşov, but not for long... Packed, had a quiet breakfast, and said goodbye to Aron and headed north. It is always sad to think that you will never see someone with whom you've made friends. Even with road construction, we got to Braşov in just under an hour. We found our way through … Continue reading Circle of Friends–Part 6: The Demons at the Carpathian Gate

Our tentative itinerary:

  Photos from Rebecca's previous trip to Greece   Here are our plans, so far: Days /Dates /Where /Notes 4 9/12-9/14 Orlando (leave 8:30pm in 15th) Sleep en route 2 9/16-9/18 Paris-> train to Belgium on 18th 6 9-18-9/25 Belgium with Kevin and Greet (train to Dussel) 2 9/25-9/27 Dusseldorf with Gabi (plane to Berlin) 2 9/27-9/29 Berlin … Continue reading Our tentative itinerary: