Circle of Friends–Part 3: Tulchea and the Danube Delta


We arrived near dusk, partly due to the fact that Romania had  just changed to daylight saving time here, but I doubt that's what they call it.  As the sky was turning grey and the winds picked up, Rebecca and I found a small restaurant on the second floor of a row of businesses near … Continue reading Circle of Friends–Part 3: Tulchea and the Danube Delta

Welcome Readers


We are making our way through Eastern Europe, discovering wonderful people who are enterprising, caring, struggling with today's changing times and yet doing extraordinary things.  We invite you to meet some of them and see some of the sites we've encountered.  The focus we've adopted, "People first, places second" is a mantra that has really … Continue reading Welcome Readers

Adrian and Carmen’s Wedding


This was a day like no other. The wedding was filled with activity for us from the moment we got up, to late in the night. We have been in Europe for almost a month now, but the impact if this event hit us like nothing else! I took a lot of pictures and Rebecca wrote … Continue reading Adrian and Carmen’s Wedding

Someone’s Following Us, All Across Hungary

Someone's Following Us We were up at five am, in the lobby by six and opted to try our luck back at the Moxy for breakfast, rather than the paultry-looking offerings at the Hadrigan.  My cousin, Cornel, had worked out a ride for us from Vienna to Zalau,  the town in the north-western part of … Continue reading Someone’s Following Us, All Across Hungary

Austria, Part Three: Vienna and Iulia

One delightful discovery along the way, was Iulia Pop. In planning for this trip, I had asked my sister's grandson, Drake Southwick, about people there since he had traveled to Romania about two years ago. I asked him for some contacts to help with planning our trip. One of the contacts he gave me was Iulia … Continue reading Austria, Part Three: Vienna and Iulia