Romania’s Painful Birth of Freedom: Long Read

The will of the people was inevitable, most people told us. It was building to a flashpoint, waiting for a spark. We retraced the steps of people 29 years ago to find out what were the elements that ignited the Revolution. (Some photos from this post are from the Museum of the Revolution Decmber 16-25 … Continue reading Romania’s Painful Birth of Freedom: Long Read

Someone’s Following Us, All Across Hungary

Someone's Following Us We were up at five am, in the lobby by six and opted to try our luck back at the Moxy for breakfast, rather than the paultry-looking offerings at the Hadrigan.  My cousin, Cornel, had worked out a ride for us from Vienna to Zalau,  the town in the north-western part of … Continue reading Someone’s Following Us, All Across Hungary

Austria, Part Three: Vienna and Iulia

One delightful discovery along the way, was Iulia Pop. In planning for this trip, I had asked my sister's grandson, Drake Southwick, about people there since he had traveled to Romania about two years ago. I asked him for some contacts to help with planning our trip. One of the contacts he gave me was Iulia … Continue reading Austria, Part Three: Vienna and Iulia

Austria, Part One: Scott and Uli

We arrived in Austria, dragging. Transition days are hard on us. There's the physical work of packing up, carrying our backpacks, and pulling the "rollies" up and down stairs, up and into crowded buses or down into subways, and into the air terminal. But more than that, I think the stress of standing in line, … Continue reading Austria, Part One: Scott and Uli

Germany Part Two: Berlin

Reconstruction: "Berlin should be called the city of cranes." Rebecca From the moment we landed in Berlin, we saw very little of it because of all the construction and barriers. And if they weren't fixing something, they were fixing to celebrate something. On the advice of a stranger at Tegel Airport, we took the Express … Continue reading Germany Part Two: Berlin

Germany, Part One: Düsseldorf

First stop: Düsseldorf Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Some places we planned to visit were selected on a hunch. Düsseldorf was one of them. Back in April, I was pouring wine at the Berryessa Gap winery for a young couple I had just met, Dirk … Continue reading Germany, Part One: Düsseldorf

Belgium Part 2

Friday, September 21 When Kevin came in after work Friday, he handed me a letter from Mobile Viking; I got my SIM card! (I wasn't sure it would arrive before we were to leave.)  I spent about an hour getting the SIM card installed and getting the account set up. The phone sputtered and chirped … Continue reading Belgium Part 2