Tale of Three Cities (interlude)

Interlude: Motorcycles!

You can’t be in Vietnam without becoming fascinated with the motorcycles (and bicycles). They seem to be the mode of transportation for every age, class, and job. Just take a look at some we found in a few days! This page is just for fun!

We saw folks carrying several hundred pounds of material, balanced on the two wheels, we saw riders carrying as many as four other passengers, we saw babies and kids being carried, folks texting, and probably a lot more that we didn’t notice. And amazingly, we never saw an accident. Rebecca saw a “fender-bender” which showed no apparent damage or injury, just a motorcyclist and a car driver staring at each other angrily for a few seconds, then they drove on.

Mostly, people have developed a kind of acceptance of motor scooters, motorcycles, and bicycles as just part of their daily lives.

I’ll leave you with one final photol The most amazing situation I saw was a man who was carrying bags of cement to his job. Cement is heavy and when you see bags of it in a hardware store, they come in 50-100 pound bags. This man was carrying three bags in his lap and at least six on the back of his motorcycle. That was at least 500 pounds. I could not imagine the results if he had an impact with another vehicle.

People are amazing!

2 thoughts on “Tale of Three Cities (interlude)

  1. Welcome to the ‘developing’ world. Considering that the minimum monthly salary in VN is +/-US$200 you expecting the folks there to be driving SUV’s? One of the many reasons for the ‘merican defeat in the war was the tenacity and inventiveness of the Vietnamese. Live and learn.


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