Fearful beginnings


Screenshot 2018-09-11 04.51.52

September 11 – Our last day before we leave:

It’s September 11th, that day we have come to remember as a national day of mourning for the terrorist attack. Today, Hurricane Florence is 1000 miles to the East of North Carolina, and predicted to make landfall at Cape Fear in a couple of days. Ironically, today is also the scheduled release of Bob Woodward’s book about the Trump White House entitled, “Fear.”

So, it is not without some trepidation that we head into the storm. We leave tomorrow, with a heading, not exactly into the storm, but about 500 miles south: Orlando, Florida, seen in the lower part of the Google graphic, above.  That is out first stop on a grand adventure, and our jumping-off point to a six-month trek through central and southeastern Europe.

We will be keeping this blog to chronicle our encounters and document our conversations with those we meet. We will interview those we meet to understand what is happening in their towns. What makes their place unique? What changes do they face? What are the political pressures building? And what are their greatest fears?

Will we be escaping fear or diving directly into it? Stay tuned!

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